Administration Donation

Your donation to the Administration ensures that Global Aid Foundation maintains its 100% donation policy. The donations received by the Charity in this regard are used in paying wages of the employees across the globe, bills payment, covering the fundraising costs and every other cost that is associated with running an international Charity. In addition to direct donation to Administration, Gift Aid is another way of helping us cover our administration cost.

Food Aid

“It is not becoming of a Muslim to sleep on a full stomach whilst those around him (his neighbours) go hungry.” (al-Hakim, al-Bayhaqi, at-Tabarani).
Global Aid Foundation believes that we as humans have a responsibility towards others. Hunger is one of the major issues faced by humankind all over the globe. Hunger is not just limited to famine stricken areas, rather the evil of poverty that has the world in its clutches is characterised by malnutrition, illness, and death as well. Global Aid Foundation has all such regions of the world as its recipients of Food Aid.
Countries across the globe that are battling hunger are generally poor and lack the social infrastructure that assists in either growing of food or developing means that help buy food. Consequently, the poor citizens of such countries battle chronic undernourishment, minerals and vitamin deficiency, improper growth, higher susceptibility to illness and general physical weakness on daily basis. Nutritious food and access to it is the most basic human necessity, the unavailability of which makes such people deserving of our help and donation in any form.
In addition to developing social infrastructure that ensures sustainable income to buy food, Global Aid Foundation offers Emergency Food Packages to the unfortunate and deprived citizens of the world. The emergency food packages contain foodstuff from major food groups ensuring maximum nutrition per food package. The packages are specifically designed for distribution in areas that need emergency relief or that are uncharacteristically poor. Even the minutest of your donation can help feed a hungry person and keep the flame of life alive in them!

Income Generation Projects

For a Muslim, Income Generation Projects are a source of SadqahJariya; the rewards of which are innumerable in the court of Allah Almighty. All the beneficiaries of Income Generation Projects continue to pray for the forgiveness and prosperity of the donors that have made it possible for them to attain sustainable livelihood over the years. You can also be one of them and receive prayers in this world and reap countless benefits in the world hereafter.
Global Aid Foundation strives to restore dignity and self-reliance in the lives of all the unfortunate Muslims acrossthe globe, especially in Burma (Myanmar), with its income generation schemes. With such schemes, the recipients are able to ensure their access to the most primal needs of food and medicine.
The cost associated with income generating schemes varies from type to type, therefore, no fixed amount can be attributed to such projects for donation. However, anything in the range of £185 or above can help start-up an income generation source for a single person. Therefore, in your donation for this respective cause you can keep this minimum figure in mind and anything more than that will help in supporting more individuals.
Global Aid Foundation is presently administering numerous livelihood programs in Burma (Myanmar) and for this cause, we accept all kinds of Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah donations.

Interest Money

Islam strictly prohibits the taking and giving of interest. However, at present times avoiding interest has become next to impossible because of the non-Islamic economic system prevalent across the world that is built on interest based financing.
The moral dilemma that most of the Muslims across the world face is: “What should one do with the unsolicited interest accumulated in one’s own bank account?”
The answer to this question is not simple however, as it is clear that you cannot utilize interest for your personal benefit, therefore, you can give it in the way of charity. Although such charity does not bring you any religious reward but it ensures the disposal of haram funds in a Shariah-compliant way.
Under the broad banner of impermissible earnings in Islam, also come the income generated by the sales of haram items as well as the income from halal items that were acquired through haram means such as lying for welfare benefits or short-measuring customers.
If possible, you can return the items or income generated through such means to their rightful owners, however, whenyou do not know the identity of owner or any other legitimate reason is a hindrance, then the method of disposal of such income can be the same as the money earned from interest.
If you wish to purify your income from any haram funds, then Global Aid Foundation can help you put them to best use by investing it in service of humanity.

Orphan Sponsorship Projects

“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this, ‘(putting his index and middle fingers together).” – Sahi al-Bukhari
This Hadith is evident of the importance of supporting an orphan and the consequent reward it brings. In Islam, an orphan or a Yateem is a child who has either lost his/her father or both of the parents. Thus, by supporting an, orphan you will be protecting them from all the vulnerabilities that a child has to face when there is no father or in worse cases when none of the parents is alive to protect and raise them.
Islam being a religion of love, compassion and caring for each other stresses upon its followers to take care of those who do not have parents. Therefore, Muslims from the developed world have this responsibility to support the orphans of countries where there is little support for orphans and the services are generally inadequate.
Alhamdulillah, Global Aid Foundation takes pride in claiming that it has been supporting hundreds of orphans in Burma (Myanmar) for years, helping safeguard their Iman and providing them prospects for a better future.
The cost of sponsoring an orphan is as low as £25 per month or £300 per anum. Transforming a life for good may cost you little, but the reward of it in the form of a place in Paradise (InshaAllah) is way greater than the cost incurred. Sponsoring an orphan becomes a continuous charity (SadaqahJariyah) where you receive reward for every good deed done by the sponsored child for the rest of his/her life.

Teacher Sponsorship Program

Seeking education and transferring it to others is one of the most stressed upon elements of Islam. Imparting knowledge in its true form to our future generations is the duty of every Muslim, rich or poor. One of the best ways of fulfilling this duty is by becoming a part of the schooling services provision process.
The fact cannot be denied that we live in a world where generally private schooling is available, which makes it impossible for poor and displaced families to receive their share from the sea of knowledge, because they are unable to pay the schooling fee. The private school system has two downsides for the unfortunate: • The children miss out on fundamental education necessary for earning dignified livelihood in present times. • Poor teachers who receive little or no remuneration are forced to quit their profession, because they are not able to provide for their families from the little pay they receive from non-profit school system. Global Aid Foundation’s Teacher Sponsorship projects aims to deliver free modern and Islamic education to children living in poor Muslim communities. This is made possible by supporting qualified teachers and keeping them motivatedby offering quality remunerations, towards the cause of imparting quality education to poor rural Muslim children.
Alhamdullillah under the flag of our Teacher Sponsorship project, we are currently supporting talented and committed teachers in Yangon, Ayerwaddy and Bago in Burma.
Global aid foundation encourages you to be a part of this noble effort and sponsor a teacher today by donating £45 per month (Burma).
Note: No individual feedback is provided for this project.

Water and Hand Pumps

Unavailability of clean drinking water is another issue in the developing countries. The poor dwellers of developing countries generally rely on open sources of water, which are prone to contamination and foster different kinds of diseases.
The closest and simplest alternate they have to open sources of water is the use of hand pumps. Flat and fertile areas of South and South East Asia have higher water levels underground, therefore, for the people of such areas, hand pumps offer the best solution to meet their clean water needs. A single hand pump suffices for the water needs of one poor family. Hand Pump price is £270.00 (Burma) per unit. The pumps are made of cast iron and a pump can physically lift 7m column of water. The pumps can be easily installed and have low maintenance cost in addition to being locally repaired.
We welcome your donations for installing Hand Pumps in the developing Muslim countries so that our unfortunate Muslim brothers and sisters can also have access to clean drinking water necessary for a healthy life.
Note: On your donated pump, you can have a plaque of your name with up to 30 characters limit. However, inscribing Allah’s names, Ayahs from Quran or Hadiths on the plaque are not allowed, as we take great care in making sure that the Holy words not be desecrated in any way.